We love cleaning

Why Choose Dust Bunny Miami?

Get ready to see your space in a whole new light. Our trusted Cleaning Specialist are thoroughly trained in the latest products, tools, and cleaning techniques. We take pride in every space we perfect. In order to maintain our high cleaning standards, we stock the highest quality equipment and all natural cleaning products. Expect all of our offerings to stay true to our four business pillars: Eco-Friendly Cleaning, Reliable Service, Consistent Performance, and Honest Reporting. 


Every day we educate our clients that green cleaning is a much better alternative. Feel confident that when you book a cleaning with us we provide equipment and solutions that are eco-friendly and environmentally safe to throughly clean your space. Safe for you, your family, your pets, employees, and customers.


When it comes to cleaning your space, we use our own cleaning products that are natural, safe, and effective. All our solutions are Eco-Friendly, environmentally safe and biodegradable. Our products have no ammonia, chlorine, synthetic fragrances, or phosphates. We get the same results as industrial cleaner, without the health risk to you, your loved ones, and our employees.